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Event submission guidelines

Enhance your promotions with What’s On Newcastle - your home of great events. Showcase your event to thousands of people by creating an event listing in minutes.

For your event to be listed on What’s On, it must:   

  • be an event located within City of Newcastle
  • be an event located within half an hour radius of the Newcastle CBD
  • comply with any current Public Health Orders applicable for your proposed event
  • have all required licences, approvals, permissions and insurances required to hold your event
  • be open and available to the general public 
  • have broad appeal to the city's community and visitors
  • be submitted by the event organiser or authorised agent
  • not be part of professional development, study or qualification coursework
  • not be promoting a business
  • not be for a social seasonal sporting competition
  • not be for private functions or conferences
  • not be a call for volunteers
  • not be a political event 
  • not be promoting a competition
  • not included restricted content or activities
  • be finalised and confirmed as ready for delivery prior to submission.

Virtual events must have content available to everyone within City of Newcastle (no geo-blocking should be applied).

We want your event listing to reach the widest audience possible

  • Editors review submissions to ensure listings are consistent, guidelines are followed, and pages are of a high quality to ensure maximum readership for all events promoted on our What’s On website.
  • We’re not obliged to list events submitted, and we reserve the right to edit or decline the listing of any submitted event, including images.
  • Following our guidelines means your event can be published sooner.
  • Publication of an event isn’t an endorsement. 
  • We can update our event guidelines at any time in the interest of the community.

Image specifications

Photos make your listing more attractive and enable your event to be featured. Events that don’t comply with the conditions below may not have their event listed.

When adding photos, please ensure:  

  • They accurately represent your event 
  • You own the copyright or have permission from the copyright owner 
  • You have permission from any people that can be identified in the image 
  • If children are identifiable, you have written consent from their parent/guardian 
  • They comply with all applicable laws and regulations
  • Image must not have a transparent background
  • NOTE: images without text work best. Please ensure a plain image without text is uploaded in first image and include any event copy or detail in the event blurb

Images sizes

  • Landscape-orientated photos for each image must be 1200px (width) by 600px (height) and no greater than 2MB.
  • Each event must have one main photo (no text), and you may upload up to five photos. 
  • CN accepts jpg, png and gif file types. 


We highly encourage event organisers to nominate the accessibility options available at your event to ensure it's inclusive for everyone. You can easily do this by ticking the boxes on the applicable services available in the event submission form. We'd also recommend that event organisers provide contact details should patrons wish to contact you to discuss the accessibility of a venue or program. View the accessibility descriptions (PDF 79KB).

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take for event to be approved?  
We aim to review all submissions within 48 hours. Events submitted on a Saturday or Sunday will be reviewed Monday.  

Do you confirm events taking place?  
Event confirmation is the responsibility of the organiser.  

How can I make an edit to an event once I have submitted?  
You can email us at with your changes.  

Who manages this site?  
What's On is managed by City of Newcastle

Why was my listing declined?
Your listing will be declined if our editors determine that it doesn’t meet our guidelines.

Why has my listing information changed?
We reserve the right to modify any of the content submitted to ensure it meets City of Newcastle guidelines.


We have a range of social media accounts that you can connect with - learn about and interact with your local community or subscribe to one of our newsletters to keep up to date with news and events in Newcastle. 

Intellectual Property

When you make a submission to CN for the listing of your event in ‘What’s On’ you agree to grant CN a non-exclusive world-wide, royalty-free, perpetual license to copy, distribute and display the submitted listing, including any images, in whole or in part for the Council’s use, including, but not limited to, reproduction and distribution in Council’s printed and electronic materials and posting on CN's digital site(s) in any media for non-profit purposes.  


View our Privacy Statement

Contact us

If you have any questions, please email  or call (02) 4974 2000.